Saying Good-Bye to our Fuzzy Foster Baby

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The fostering agency we work with asked us to create a photo album to document the last nine months we’ve had with our foster son. As I was looking for quotes to put in the album, I came across the one above and it stuck with me because soon we’ll be saying good bye to our fuzzy foster baby. He is almost 10 months old now and we’ve had him since birth. The tiny, premature, five pound little bundle that was handed to me nine months ago is now a thriving and happy baby ninja who literally does not stop moving and surprises us every day with his stealthiness. Of all the countries and islands and babies in the world, we were given him. It has truly been a privilege.

Over the next week or so, he will be transitioning to another family as we are not allowed to bring him to the U.S. and as I mentioned previously, Costa Rican Social Services doesn’t allow foster families to adopt (of course we tried). As I prepared his album, I was thinking about what a privilege it was to have spent these last nine months with him. It hasn’t always been easy, and it most definitely won’t be easy to see him go, but God allowed us to meet him and raise him for this period of time on purpose. Of all the babies and all the families, somehow we ended up together and I pray that the time we had with him created a foundation in him that will set him up for blessing in the future.

J 1 mes

There are a lot of emotions surrounding saying good bye, but most of all we’re thankful for and humbled by the privilege of being a part of J’s life.  Many people make comments about how he should be ours and how unfair it all is, but truly, he never was ours. God entrusted him to us for a time and God is far more aware of J’s care than we are. So we entrust him back into the hands of the perfect Father, knowing that God is more than able to guard what was always His anyway.

Of course it’s a struggle. We knew it was going to be hard when we signed up to foster. Naturally it is heartbreaking to give him up, but it is more than worth it. It is far more important that J learn how to form an attachment than it is for our family to protect ourselves from the pain of losing that attachment. Rather than laying in a crib all day in an orphanage, he was a part of a family that taught him how to love and be loved. In all sincerity, we didn’t always have perfect attitudes and we definitely had days we were exhausted and questioned why we volunteered to foster, but there were far more good days than bad. We know he’s too little to remember us, but we know that the rocking him in the middle of the night, the physical therapy we gave him several times a day, the word of God being read to him at bedtime, and the love showered on him by us and those around us have profoundly stimulated his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

So we have a lot of peace. We’re reminded that life isn’t about us. It’s about Him. If He asks us to receive a newborn and then give that baby up ten months later, we will. If He asks us to move to another country with only a vague idea of what He is calling us to, we will. We trust that God has all of this in His hands and that He has incredible and unimaginable plans for both J and our family. We can move forward knowing that while we didn’t do everything perfectly, we did our best to do what God asked us to do and walk as Jesus walked (1 John 2:5-6). We have learned so much, grown in incredible ways, opened our hearts and our home, died to ourselves over and over again, laughed a lot, cried a little, loved well, and have tried to bring a little more of God’s kingdom to earth.

We love you and will miss you J!

J 9 meses


5 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to our Fuzzy Foster Baby

  1. Sandy Wegman says:

    Dear Tricia,, Albin, Mariah and family!!! As I sit here with tears in my eyes, having feelings of loss as one who never had a chance to hold that precious little boy. We send our love to all of you and pray that the Lord will strengthen all of you during this time. I would like to express my feelings about you and your family! As we all sit at home watching the way you have all grown so much in the Lord and are able to turn everything over to Him. What lessons each and everyone of us learn from all of you. My heart is so sad for all of you, I know in my heart that You all will see him again in Heaven as you receive your awards for being servants of the Lord!! As Grandparents, you make us very proud! Love, Gramps and Granny Wegman

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  2. Rebekah Baba says:

    I bawled my eyes out reading this. I can’t imagine. You have become such a beautiful, strong woman of God. Your testimony is an inspiration to many. Good luck with all the transitions you face in the upcoming days. I am sure it isn’t easy.

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  3. Grandma Kim says:

    This is heartbreaking for me as I am so in love with this handsome little guy!
    What a blessing it has been to be involved in this precious life!
    You all have done a tremendous job caring for one of God’s “least of these” and I sure hope that some day we will all be blessed to see him again! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! For Your glory, LORD, and Your’s Alone!
    Continue to bless this little one for all the days of his life, LORD! I trust in your promises!

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